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Sweater Weather Clamshell Wax Melts

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Sweater Weather: Crisp juniper berry, fresh eucalyptus and sage on a woodsy background evoke thoughts of the first brisk days of an Autumn morning. Morning dew and kisses of spearmint round out this fragrance. Imagine breathing in the cool, fresh air while snuggled in your favorite sweater taking in the majestic beauty of the changing leaves.This is our interpretation of Sweater Weather by Bath and Bodyworks. We are not affiliated with Bath and Bodyworks*.

My Sweater Weather 6 pack clamshell soy wax melts are hand-made using only the highest quality soy wax and fragrances.

Approximate fragrance time of the 6 pack clamshell scented melts is 60 hours per packet but fragrance time may vary and will last differently for everyone.

Break a cube of wax melt from the 6 pack container, place into your warmer and enjoy your fragrance.